Advanced Immersion Series

at STUDIO MILE END in collaboration with Terri McCollum

Jill & Heidi Acroyoga

Upcoming International Dates:
Oct. 13-15 New England AcroFest, Boston
Oct. 20-22 San Francisco w Jessie & Eugene
Dec. 3-16 Acroyoga Teacher Training Mexico


Mil & Devon and Jill & Heidi in TORONTO!
November 17-19 2023

Acroyoga Montreal

Upcoming Teacher Trainings
December 2023 Mexico


Montreal’s Festival, June 10-16, 2024


Acroyoga Montreal

I met Jessie Goldberg and Eugene Poku in 2007 briefly. I fell in love with their way of partner practice. The blend of yoga, shared weight, smooth transitions, and creativity had me hooked. 

I returned to Montreal in 2009 and began working closely with them in 2010. Since then I have been part of the teacher training team, developing my skills through their mentorship and guidance. Now we work more as a partnered team, delivering intensives and teacher trainings around the world.

Studio Mile End

In 2013 I was recruited to work at a new studio in Montreal called Wanderlust. Little did I know that that was the beginning of almost a decade of profound collaboration. I’ve grown so much through the opportunities I have had to create and develop programs for the practitioners and teachers at the studio. 

In 2020 the name changed to STUDIO MILE END, and a new era of diving deep and listening was born. It is an honour to work among peers who I trust and who trust me, where we can all experiment and grow.

Heidi Blais

Heidi and I met in a park and shared some strange commonalities – we had both live on the SAME street in Beijing, we knew the SAME song in mandarin, and we had a love of movement and partnering.

I don’t remember our first practices but Heidi remembers me having a vision that if we developed our partnership we could travel the world teaching. We’ve been teaching and creating together now since 2011. Our unique similar-ish sized partnership that blends stacking and counterbalances into flows is a signature style that defines us.