Advanced Immersion Series

at STUDIO MILE END in collaboration with Terri McCollum

01.20-21: Cueing, Cognitive Feedback & Language
02.3-4: Sequencing
02.17-18: History & Philosophy of Yoga II
03.16-17: Embodied Rest & Restore
03.30-31: The Subtle Body
04.13-14: A Somatic & Yogic Approach to Trauma

Jill & Heidi Acroyoga

Upcoming International Dates:
01.26-28 : Vancouver AcroFest
03.23-04.01 : Acroyoga Montreal Level 1 TT Madrid, Spain
04.26-28 : Cirquehaus Fest, New York, USA

Acroyoga Montreal

Upcoming Teacher Trainings
03.23-04.01 :Acroyoga Montreal Level 1 TT Madrid, Spain
7.2-7.21 :Acroyoga Montreal TT, Montreal


06.10-17 : Montreal’s Festival, Canada

Movement is a pathway to access our bodies and minds. I’m committed to being part of, and sharing, ways to move alone or together with more purpose, in ways that benefit ourselves and those around us. Join me…


The word Yoga is a giant umbrella term for a gigantic spiritual and physical practice.


Acroyoga is a practice built on collaboration in duos or groups.

I’m an educator, community builder and practitioner who believes that through collaboration we can grow as individuals and in the way we relate to others and how we show up society. I use movement as an entry point to develop a connection to the self. By getting in touch with ourselves, with our own bodies and minds, we observe and improve our self-awareness, communication skills, empathy, and social awareness. This work leads to a feeling of belonging, purpose, and a possibility of working well in partnerships and community. 

Within the practices and teachings of Yoga and AcroYoga I have some specialties and passions:

  • Moving in an intelligent and balanced way.
  • Individual alignment and anatomy for everyone.
  • Sequencing (science and art) for the body and nervous system.
  • Sorting through consent and power dynamics in movement spaces.
  • Effective instruction with concise and clear cueing.
  • Partnering and collaborating with respect.
  • Event organization and community projects.
  • Privilege and oppression awareness for and daily life and movement culture.

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