Jill & Heidi Acroyoga

Upcoming International Dates:

04.26-28 : Cirquehaus Fest, New York, USA
06.10-17 : VIVAcroyoga Festival, Canada

Acroyoga Montreal

Upcoming Teacher Trainings

7.2-7.21 : Acroyoga Montreal TT, Montreal
09.28-10.11 : Acroyoga Montreal TT, Japan
12.2-15 : Acroyoga Montreal TT, Mexico


06.10-17 : Montreal’s Festival, Canada

Acroyoga is a practice built on collaboration in duos or groups. The principles of direct and compassionate communication are explored as we strengthen and open our bodies through structure and play.

Acroyoga sits close to my heart, I’ve been practicing and teaching since 2006 and my respect and love for the practice deepens with time. Here are some of the ways you can practice and learn with me:

Acroyoga Montreal Teacher Training

This program has often been referred to as a “school of life”. Our 100hr syllabus satiates your need to move, to partner, and to create, while diving deep into the acroyoga culture and the teaching skills to guide it. This training dissects communication, community dynamics, and the social web that we live in. You will refine your words, your partnering skills, and your ability to train and lead with integrity. Expect to take a profound look at yourself as you take on the responsibility of becoming a guide for others. I am fortunate to be part of an experienced and dedicated teaching team, alongside Jessie Goldberg, Eugene Poku, and Heidi Blais. More information at acroyoga.com

VIVAcroyoga Montreal Festival

Born in 2013, VIVA is a boutique festival that welcomes local and international teachers to share their skills and selves. Participants also come from around the world to laugh, sweat, and cooperate in the cozy, nurturing setting. At the heart of the festival is the local community, a strongly-knit group of friends who effortlessly make every visitor feel at home. The festival takes place yearly in June. For more information visit VIVAcroyoga.com


Weekend workshops are a wonderful way to focus on building physical skills in a pressure cooker format. They are an opportunity to dive into your practice in a delightful way that nourishes your need to move and be in community. Most of the acroyoga workshops I offer are lead with Heidi Blais, a dedicated mover and teacher who I have had the opportunity to train and guide with for over 12 years. Check out where to find us next. (check the calendar for more details)

Classes and Series

Need something more bite-sized? Come for a beginner series or intermediate series and learn skills over time. A perfect activity for friends, workmates, partners, or solo participants to try something new or push their practice a bit farther. Classes aren’t ongoing, but will be announced in advance. (check the calendar for more details)

Private Sessions

Privates are hands-on sessions where I work individually with you or with you and your partner(s) to hone in on how to effectively improve your practice. People take private acroyoga for many reasons, including a personalized approach, a better fit in their schedule, a desire to be in a quiet learning environment, or because they have specific needs that cannot easily be met in a larger group. See HERE for details.